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Your home is your greatest investment, make it last!

Investment Properties

Our established interior designers take the time to understand your developments’ aspirations and market demographics by building concepts that respond to these unique needs.

  • Eliminate unwanted discussions
  • Improve construction efficiencies
  • Streamline quoting process
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Opulent Living Spaces

Our expert team will translate your vision into beautifully executed interiors. Every detail is highly considered to create luxurious interiors that stand the test of time.

  • Bespoke experience & tailored design
  • Increase the value & opulence of your home
  • Guided advice on aesthetics and the finer details
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Our Services


The Investment Interiors Package provides a seamless and comprehensive solution for investors and builders. We focus on providing aesthetically pleasing designs for all commercial and residential developments to create a memorable first impression as well as attract potential buyers.

What can I expect

  1. Provide attraction to buyers or tenants for off-plan sales and leases

    Catering to both build-to-sell and build-to-rent investors, we can provide professional bespoke advice to get the most value from our designs.

  2. Access to a variety of contractors, resources and materials

    Our teams combined 20 years of experience has generated a large network of premium, accredited supplier resources to bring only the best quality to your home for a fraction of the price.

  3. Reduce reactive construction decision making

    Eliminate inaccurate quoting, on-site errors and boost efficiencies by nearly double.

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Whether building a new home or renovating one, the Opulence Residential Package is designed to establish your dream layout, style and colour palette.

What can I expect

  1. Bespoke experience reflecting your style and vision

    For a home that’s uniquely yours, our creative, impeccably refined design solutions are delivered with care, consideration, and a nuanced eye for detail.

  2. Guided advice on materials and aesthetic finishes

    Every detail is highly considered by our expert team to create luxurious interiors that stand the test of time, translating your vision into beautifully executed interiors.

  3. Increase the value and opulence of your home

    The finer attention to detail is our perogative throughout all our projects to give the most luxurious end result and increase the selling value of your home in such an avid market.

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Our Ethos

Customer first

We endeavor to understand our clients’ vision and are responsive and effective problem solvers. We take responsibility for what we do and maintain a constructive dialogue that develops long-term relationships.

Efficient always

Our ability to adapt quickly to our clients’ changing needs allows us to accommodate accelerated schedules and ensure projects move quickly and efficiently, on time and within budget.

One team, one goal

Open communication between your team and ours means better decision-making. This collaboration clearly defines expectations, streamlines processes, and fast-tracks decisions.

Innovation, where functionality meets aesthetic.

Our approach encompasses a comprehensive look at potential projects, ultimately developing spaces where people desire to live, interact and thrive. From designing luxury home interiors to working with existing plans, our expertise covers all aspects of Residential and Commercial design. With a collaborative practice of architecture, planning and interior design, InHaus Interiors creatively meets the diverse needs of all projects.

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Our Completed Projects

At the heart of our ethos is to collaborate with you from the very start, humanising your space to truly reflect your vision and style. Our skilled and highly experienced team combine creativity with commercial awareness.

Let’s work together

Catering to first-home builders and developers alike, InHaus Interiors offers a seamless approach to interior design through two distinct packages.

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