3D Interior Design

Visualising Your Future Space


What Is 3D Interior Rendering

3D Interior Design is a type of interior design that uses advanced technology to create three-dimensional visualisations of interior spaces. 

With the help of 3d rendering software for interior design, our professionals can create realistic and detailed renderings of rooms, including furniture, fixtures, colours and layouts, allowing clients to see a realistic representation of what their space will look like before any physical work begins. 

Advantages Of 3D Rendering Services


  • By using 3d building design our customers can find various benefits, including

Realistic Visualisations


  • 3D rendering allows for the creation of realistic and detailed visualisations of spaces, including lighting, textures, and finishes, helping you to understand and visualise the final design, making it easier to make decisions.



  • With 3d modelling our designers can easily make changes and adjustments to the design without having to start over from scratch, saving time and money, but also ensuring that the final result meets the client’s needs and expectations.



  • 3D design can be more affordable than traditional design methods since our designers can experiment with different options, materials and layouts without needing expensive physical samples. 

Avoid Future Problems


  • With 3D rendering, you have the option to have the design reviewed by all the decision-makers before the actual construction. 
  • Helping to prevent potential problems and design flaws that end in cost savings and ensuring a project that stands under the proper regulations.


Packages To Transform Your Spaces

InHaus Interior, we are your interior design firm as we dedicate to bringing to life your vision for any space, with different packages to suit your needs, our Opulence Package is perfect for designing luxurious and fine spaces, with layout, colour and styles totally customised. 

And in addition, our Investment Package is designed for property builders and investors as a solution to design spaces that will elevate and increase your property value.


Why Choose Us? 

At InHaus Interiors we offer 3d modelling services with all of our designs, creating design layouts that will capture the vision you want to accomplish so then we can bring to life your dream home.

Our essence lies in partnering with you on a journey to bring your unique vision and style to life through captivating and functional spaces. With our talented team of interior designers, in the fusion of creativity, innovation and commercial awareness, we shape and evolve your space with functionality and aesthetics at the forefront.

Contact us, to start the journey for your dream space.

Our Process

01 Research & Planning

The initial research and planning phase helps us establish the desired style based on your project brief. We will then present an Estimated Fee Proposal for our services before commencing the design process.

02 Client Briefing

The briefing is a working session where we will talk through the details of your project and consider your personal style, vision and inspiration for your project. Your vision is further explored and the design footwork begins. This will generally allow for a virtual call for better understanding.

03 Site Visit

We will attend your site to observe, measure, explore and better understand the environment that will essentially enhance and impact the proposed design. Regular site visits are conducted periodically to successfully track the project’s progress.

04 Ideation & Concept Charts

Taking your vision from our briefing session, and the information we gather at the site visit, we start the initial design ideation. This is the first glimpse of our vision for your project – a visual presentation of our approach and design direction. We meet to present a concept board and discuss our recommendations along with your feedback.

05 Material Selection

Good design depends on informed material selection. In this phase, we will research and explore materials that are consistent with the approved theme, proposing selections that fit within your budget and construction timeline. This may include arranging samples or attending supplier showrooms or manufacturing facilities to assist with selection.

06 Design & Development

Next, we move to the bulk of the work where we design the full suite of the project such as floor plans, 3D renders and product specifications schedules.

07 Client Meeting & Presentation

We present the ultimate vision of your project, allowing you to envision the finer details in each space. We collaborate with you to gather your feedback to perfect the end result.

08 Further Development & Research

Following our meeting and presentation, we work through the design revisions, further developing and establishing finalized designs.

09 Plans Finalisation & Documentation

Your project is detailed and documented to the highest standard. Our plans and documentation ensure that all parties understand and approve the proposed design before construction begins.

Our Completed Projects

At the heart of our ethos is to collaborate with you from the very start, humanising your space to truly reflect your vision and style. Our skilled and highly experienced team combine creativity with commercial awareness.

Let’s work together

Catering to first-home builders and developers alike, InHaus Interiors offers a seamless approach to interior design through two distinct packages.

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