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Bespoke Designs 

At InHaus Interiors, we dedicate ourselves to create residential home designs, crafting spaces that will reflect your vision in its true form. 

Our Interior Designers have a passion for transforming your living space into a stylish, comfortable and functional haven. 

With unique insights into colour, texture and space planning, a residential interior designer’s expertise ensures that designs are not only aesthetically appealing but also practical, ensuring that the space remains a reflection of the client’s personality and tastes. 

Packages Made For You

InHaus Interiors provides packages that will fit our customer’s needs, where our approach is focused on listening to our clients to engage and deliver impeccable designs, according to all the requirements, budgets and styles. 

With our Opulence Residential Package, immerse yourself in exquisite interior design spaces, featuring custom layouts, distinctive styles and a captivating colour palette that will create a luxurious oasis in your home.

Additionally, discover our exclusive Investment Package, offering a comprehensive, tailored solution to meet the needs of property builders and investors. Our designers take into account market demographics as well as the unique development aspirations of our clients while designing concepts with aesthetics in mind – ensuring we deliver impactful results and stunning first impressions on potential buyers, increasing sale value. 

Additionally, we aim to provide solutions that are aligned with building codes and regulations. 

On all of our packages, you will find guidance and advice from our specialist, as our ambition is to balance aesthetics and functionality in every project.

InHaus Interiors: Designing Spaces, Enhancing Lives

Our residential interior decorators want to connect with you and convey a high level experience. We have developed a process that will commit and engage with our clients, where our target is to: Put our customer first, deliver efficiency always through our one team and one goal


In the first stages, we will have a meeting, to get to know you, your style, budget and vision of the project resulting then on the research and planning phase to create the design through a briefing process, 

Ideas & Concept Design 

Once we understand your vision, our interior design team will start the design process by getting your ideas and putting them into a visual design, through this stage we will present a concept board and discuss recommendations.

Design & Development

With the design approved, we move to the full design process, crafting all the project, layouts, colour palette, 3d renders and product specifications schedules. 

Client Meeting 

In the final stages we will present you the final result that has as a goal to achieve the ultimate vision with our expert knowledge. In this space, we want to collaborate with you to find feedback and perfect the final design project.

Final Stage

We will deliver a document that will detail the plans of designs with all the specifications needed, this document is made to be easily comprehended so its application is smooth and efficient. 


Ready To Achieve Your Dream Home?

As part of our ethos, InHaus Interiors is one of the finest residential interior design firms, our passion is to develop spaces where people desire to live, interact and thrive.

If you need interior designers in Sydney for residential services, we invite you to contact us so we can start working on your next design project.

Our Process

01 Research & Planning

The initial research and planning phase helps us establish the desired style based on your project brief. We will then present an Estimated Fee Proposal for our services before commencing the design process.

02 Client Briefing

The briefing is a working session where we will talk through the details of your project and consider your personal style, vision and inspiration for your project. Your vision is further explored and the design footwork begins. This will generally allow for a virtual call for better understanding.

03 Site Visit

We will attend your site to observe, measure, explore and better understand the environment that will essentially enhance and impact the proposed design. Regular site visits are conducted periodically to successfully track the project’s progress.

04 Ideation & Concept Charts

Taking your vision from our briefing session, and the information we gather at the site visit, we start the initial design ideation. This is the first glimpse of our vision for your project – a visual presentation of our approach and design direction. We meet to present a concept board and discuss our recommendations along with your feedback.

05 Material Selection

Good design depends on informed material selection. In this phase, we will research and explore materials that are consistent with the approved theme, proposing selections that fit within your budget and construction timeline. This may include arranging samples or attending supplier showrooms or manufacturing facilities to assist with selection.

06 Design & Development

Next, we move to the bulk of the work where we design the full suite of the project such as floor plans, 3D renders and product specifications schedules.

07 Client Meeting & Presentation

We present the ultimate vision of your project, allowing you to envision the finer details in each space. We collaborate with you to gather your feedback to perfect the end result.

08 Further Development & Research

Following our meeting and presentation, we work through the design revisions, further developing and establishing finalized designs.

09 Plans Finalisation & Documentation

Your project is detailed and documented to the highest standard. Our plans and documentation ensure that all parties understand and approve the proposed design before construction begins.

Our Completed Projects

At the heart of our ethos is to collaborate with you from the very start, humanising your space to truly reflect your vision and style. Our skilled and highly experienced team combine creativity with commercial awareness.

Let’s work together

Catering to first-home builders and developers alike, InHaus Interiors offers a seamless approach to interior design through two distinct packages.

Reach out to our team to learn more.

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